HF3-Hawk-Green (2)

Single Chair Low Back

  • Flexible Back to assist with agitation, reduces restrictive feeling of a standard chair.
  • Designed not to top when swinging.
  • Generous sizing to assist with stability and larger clients.
  • No legs or hardened back that could be broken or dangerous.
  • Can be used stand alone or as modular seating.
  • Safe to use in any environment and easy to move for dining room tables or cleaning purposes.
  • Anti-stacking design, chairs don’t naturally stack together.
Size: D 790 x W 600 x H 737mm
Weight: 12kg
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The safest furniture you can buy.

  • Extremely durable, while completely safe – the world’s safest furniture.
  • No hard or hardened structure, any traditional wooden metal or hardened components are replaced with commercial medical grade multi density foam.
  • Structured with no need to add extra weight. If it is thrown or tampered with it won’t cause harm.
  • Fire retardant complying with FR standards (BS 5852: 2006) & (BS7177)
  • Anti-rip, tear/slash, resistance, PVC upholstery, which won’t produce running rips if punctured.
  • One-piece cover design, with no cushions or areas to hide contraband.
  • All furniture has a safe working load of 200kgs
  • No zips, medical grade, and infection control compliment.